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Electronic Control Device

The ZetoLink ELECTRONIC CONTROL DEVICE provides the automation, both for the receipt and delivery of garments. The user can "load" the finished garments on the conveyor through an electronic card (equipped with liquid crystals and 4 multifunction keys and also with an alphanumerical small key case) which manages and organizes the conveyor itself and can afterwards "unload" the garments by cancelling them when delivery is required.

The operation can be done in three different typologies:

a) The dialled code is the case's number on the conveyor which is required

b) The dialled code is an alphanumerical code (a letter corresponding to the colour + three numbers) which is given to each single garment when received at the desk conter.

c) The dialled code is a progressive number of the receipt bill given by the cashier to the customer.

Furthermore the electronic control device allows the organization of garments when not on the conveyor and which occurs in two different cases:
a) When the conveyor has no more places to be loaded available

b) When something which actually cannot be "loaded" on the conveyor (i.e. a rug)

The electronic control device can in the above two cases be set up with a code number meaning a shelf or even a sector of the storage room and which is shown when delivery is required

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