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About Us

Welcome to Zetolink online!

Zetolink srl is a leading company in the mechanical conveying systems equipment for garments (in dry cleaning shops, cloakrooms, hospitals, clothing storage etc.). The working staff as well as the management claim having over thirty years experience in this sector. Our conveyor is to be considered as unique worldwide thanks both to the patented "monolithic" kind of links and to the double "omega" shaped sliding rails as well as to the wheels movement with patented joints which allows the traction force distribution on the whole surface of the profile so that there is no load charge and avoiding either stretching or breakages and energy costs.

Zetolink is producing conveyors for any room capacity required according to the different number of garments or shapes the customer would request. Our technical department is at your disposal to work out a personalized plan emphasizing the best solution to meet the customer's needs. Besides conveyors Zetolink is offering his clientele automatic unloading solutions, automatic delivery systems, electronic control devices to enable searching of garments, management systems to ease automatically all the working process and also automatic resetting of finished garments.