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The dry cleaning process involves the following stages:

1 - acceptance of de garment
2 - marking of the garment
3 - cleaning (initial stain removal)
4 - intermedie ironing
5 - final ironing
6 - rearrangement
7 - packing of garments (nylon tube packing machine)
8 - attachement to delivery conveyor
9 - restitution to customer (can be manual or automatic)

As you can see, tehe bar -code identification system is read as many as 6 times during this process !

Acceptance of the garmment and relative marking with printing of bar code (stage 1 and 2).
Code reading an final ironing for automatic rearrangement of the garments of the same customer(stage 5 and 6).
Code reading at the pacher ( stage 7 ).
The code reading gives the compartment number for attaching the garment on the delivery conveyor( stage 8).
And finally the code is read again ( including automatically and directly by the customer) for delivery to the customer (stage 9).

A simple and brief explanation:
The costumer arrives and we accept the garments issuing a receipt with the bar code (or card containing the code); we label the garments with bar- code receipts printed by our PC printer at the moment of acceptance. The garments are cleaned and sent for ironing. Every ironing board has its own terminal with a bar- code reader and immediately after ironing the garment the Operator read the code with the reader. The terminal then tells them where to attach the garment,because if the Customer has more than one garment we have to wait for the set to be complete before passing it to the packer.
Now this customer's garments are rearranged (the rearrangement can be done in varios ways:
manually on a bar with lights ;
or on the conveyor with manual removal;
or on a conveyor belt with automatic removal by means of a DELIVERY ARM programmed for the rearrangement of the customer sets.

By this time we have carried out the following operations:
° Acceptance and marking of garments
° Dry -cleaning and pressing
° Rearranging of the customer's sets of garments
° Reaching the packing stage The packing unit is equipped with bar code reader so that after packing the garments ,one set at a time, the operator read the code using the reader and the system assigns to each set of garments its own compartment number on the deliveyconveyor,automaticallyand without loss of time.
The operator must only hang up the Packed garments into the right compartment.

The PC. which is placed at the reception desk has registered and memorizes any movement that the sets of garments of each single customer has done. FROM THE MOMENT WE HAVE ACCEPTED THE GARGAMENTS , UP TO THE END OF THE PROCESSING AND THUS WHEN THE GARMENTS ARE FINALLY HANGED UP INTO THE COMPARTMENT NUMBER, itis possible to follow the pro- cedure in fact every reader wherever it is positioned it is connected to our PC.and the same provides in real time the analysis and manages these datas to obtain quickly and without mistakes the delivery of garments to the irowners.

The above mentioned delivery process can be automatically improved by supplying a delivery set up at the reception desk where customers can insert their own card by themselves. In this case the conveyor is equipped with a PNEUMATIC DELIVERY ARM that picks up each set of the customer's garments and delivers them directory to the customer.

This managing system allows you:

This keep under control and check at any time all stages of the dry- cleaning process
To avoid taking garments of different customers by mistake
To avoid losing garments
To scarch a garment even if the customer does not have the receip
To provide information about statistics targets control, processing costs , comparison between processing costs ad final income etc.

This system enables you to manage your dry cleaning shop in a more up to dated way and avoiding wasting of time (Please let us you that many times you do waste a lot of you time in looking for missing garments than the time you may spend to process the garment from the beginning).

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