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This conveyor is made according to innovative and up to date concepts using a monolithic kind of link duly patented and unique worldwide.

Movement of wheels takes place on three dimensions duly controlled contemporarily.

ZetoLink only is using sliding rails so called "JOINTED DOUBLE OMEGA".

This kind of rail is built upon ZetoLink own design and exclusive measurements.

ZetoLink succeeds in distributing the traction forces evenly on the whole surface of the edge using such a rail and by moving wheels on joints covered by Patent and avoiding load charges thus eliminating STRETCHING, BREAKAGES AND ENERGY COSTS.

Furthermore this mechanical (rail+joint) combination covered by Patent allows various applications according to the customers needs and building the conveyor in many different shapes.

- Zetolink's Sliding rails
- Continuos Sliding Rails

Upon reception of the room plan our technical department is able to supply the customers with designs and estimates in one day time only.

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